Information to the public

Each year SCCB organizes following events to the public:

  • Informative seminars

SCCB organizes informative seminars for local governments, municipal construction boards, construction companies and construction specialists, as well as other members of the construction process. Seminars are held on various subjects:  control of construction works, inspection and supervision of buildings, elimination of the consequences of unauthorized construction, certification of construction experts and organization of design and building appraisals.

  • Construction Week

Every year SCCB in co-operation with the Ministry of Economics and other construction industry organizations is organizing "Construction Week", which is one of the most significant events of the year in this field. The Construction Week is the largest annual public discussion on the necessary improvements and regulatory developments in the sector where each day of the week is dedicated to the separate topic.

  • Construction Quality Conference

On November 25, 2016 the Ministry of Economics and SCCB in cooperation with the Riga Technical University and Latvian Sustainable Building Council organized an international conference on the role of national policies for quality assurance in construction industry, which was the third such a large-scale international construction quality conference held in Latvia reminding the society and construction how important is the role of construction quality.